R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out

The graph to the left shows the manufacturing percentage reductions of R-22 Refrigerant over the next 4 years.

Each year the quantity will go down and the price per pound will go up.

As you can see by 2018 the supply will be so low and the cost per pound will not be cost effective for most people even though demand will be high.

So what do you do if you have an older system with R-22 Refrigerant?

In 2010 the EPA ruled that no new equipment would be allowed to contain Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC-22) or better known as R-22 Refrigerant. So thus began a gradual reduction in production of R-22. The new safer refrigerant in use is R-410A.

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There are several factors to look at here. We can help walk you through your decision on what to do.

  • Is your system running properly and being maintained professionally?

              a. If there is nothing wrong with your system, it runs like it should, and it is not over 10 years old then you can keep running it until it does break down requiring refrigerant. Professionally maintaining it during this time will be critical to get the most life out of the system before having to replace it.

  • Does your system have a leak and require a refrigerant charge regularly?

              a. If you are having to add refrigerant to your system then you should try to repair any leaks that you have now before the cost of R-22 is too high. If we cannot repair the leaks then it would be a good time to have us come out and give you a quote on replacing the system with a new energy efficient system at today's prices. Keep in mind as R-22 refrigerant goes away the demand on replacing older units will be high and therefore companies will be meeting that demand with higher prices on installations.

  • Is your system over 10 years old?

              a. If you have a system older than 10 years then you are getting close to an age of life on that system that will begin to give you problems. If you have keep it professionally maintained over the years then you will have longer than normal life expectancy. This will be a decision that will be based on whether or not the system requires regular repairs, leaks, future cost of installation, etc.

Comfort Now Heating & Air Conditioning will continue to keep our prices for R-22 lower than other companies out there as long as we can. Give us a call today to discuss your situation.