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When it comes to heating a home, comfort and cost are at the top of everyone's list. Just like air conditioning equipment the standards for heating equipment have also improved over the years. More and more people are upgrading to higher efficient 90%+ AFUE systems. While there are many different ways to heat a home below are some of the most common.

Heat Pumps - Heat Pumps work well in our region because we don't have extreme cold weather. They are the most efficient way to heat and cool a home today.

Gas Furnace - Gas furnaces provide heat more steadily then ever before and is the most common source of heat today.

Electric Resistance Heat - Better known as heat strips. This method of heat is commonly found in older homes where their is just a air conditioning unit and strip heat is used to heat the home. It is completely electric so it will cost more to operate than other heat systems.

Dual Fuel or Piggy Back - This is also a common way to heat a home. It is where you have a heat pump for heating and cooling with a gas furnace typically for back up heat when the heat pump can no longer heat the home do to the temperature being lower than the balance point of the heat pump.

Heating Systems

Heat Loss

Having an efficient heating system is not the only ingredient to home comfort. A lot depends on keeping the heat that you produce and pay for inside the home. As you can see here heat loss contributes for a lot of wasted hard earned money.

Proper home insulation in the attic, walls, and flooring along with energy efficient windows and doors will reduce utility bills significantly and keep your home more comfortable.

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