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Duct leaks account for over 20% of your homes energy loss each year. This contributes to higher utility bills, hot and cold rooms, poor air quality, and safety issues if you have gas appliances. Energy standards for duct insulation have also changed over the years. Factors such as the location of your duct system (attic or crawlspace) play an important part in the overall systems performance.

When should I replace my system and what should I replace?

If your system is more than 10 years old or is needing expensive repairs often then you may want to consider replacing it. Today's higher efficiency rated 14 SEER systems can offer you more comfort at a lower cost, sometimes as much as 20% to 40% savings over older 10 SEER equipment. But replacing your system may not fix your problems. Chances are if your system is 10 years old then your duct system is probably older than that. And just like the newer high efficiency equipment, the duct systems have improved as well over the years in order to improve efficiency with these units. We can professionally evaluate the entire system to let you know what you should do in order to get the most out of your new system.

You can see here we spend a lot on cooling our homes each year. If we correct the above issues we would cut the amount we spend substantially while increasing our homes comfort and efficiency. 

When it comes to air conditioning in a home,  there are many factors to think about. As a homeowner though we tend to focus on the two main ones; comfort and efficiency. However in order to achieve these two goals we have to make sure the other factors are correct. As you can see below are some of those factors that make your home comfortable.

Properly Sized Equipment
Correct Equipment Installation
Correct Air Flow
Location of Air Registers
Properly Sized Duct System
Properly Sealed Duct System
Correct Refrigerant Charge
Adequate Home Insulation
Age of Equipment
Annual System Maintenance
Monthly Filter Changes
Correct Thermostat
Properly Matched Equipment

Air Conditioning

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